• High SNR from the moment you fit her first hearing aids

    ReSound UP with the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone gives you an accessible way to provide maximum exposure to speech to children of all ages*. Even infants.

  • Every word matters 
    ReSound Up™ ensures consistent audibility of the speech signal at safe, comfortable levels.
  • Fit is everything
    Age-appropriate speech and language development begins with an accurate match to paediatric targets.

Real benefits for children with hearing loss

Early intervention. Appropriate amplification. Clear sound. These are the recognized foundations of paediatric hearing care and age-appropriate speech and language learning. 

Fit mild to severe-profound hearing loss

ReSound UpTM hearing aids provide appropriate amplification and consistent speech audibility even at high output levels.

Maximum exposure to speech 

ReSound UpTM and the compatible UniteTM Mini Microphone increase SNR with up to 21 dB 1 for children of all ages.

Accurate, intuitive fitting

ReSound UpTM is supported by a paediatric fitting mode based on the DSL v5 fitting rule. 

Keep his hearing aids on his ears

DFS Ultra™ II suppresses feedback to help increase exposure to speech and language by increasing wear time. 

Meets or surpasses paediatric standards

iSolate™ nanotech seals out moisture, oil and debris. There’s an auto-locking battery door. And a Retention Loop holds the hearing instruments in place. 


iSolate™ nanotech 

Shields every component from moisture, oil and debris – inside and out.

Special metal hook option

Ensures highest stability even at very high gain levels

Retention Loop

Can be clipped comfortably to clothing

LED visual indication

Lets you know the hearing aids are working and wether the battery needs changing.

Auto-locking battery-door

Is twice as strong as standards require

Clear, comfortable sound at every output level

ReSound Up TM  provides consistently clear, comfortable sound even at high output with proven Surround Sound by ReSoundTM  technologies.


Suppresses feedback in just about every conceivable situation to help increase exposure to speech by supporting longer wear time.

Surround Sound by ReSound

Models, cleans, balances and stabilizes the signal to provide children with sound that is feedback free and consistently clear even at high output level.

Warp proccesing

Is the foundation of clear sound. It is unique frequency warping technology that bases amplification on an accurate model of cochlear frequent analysis.

Binaural Fusion

Older children can benefit from Binaural FusionTM, 2.4 Ghz device-to-device communication: Its two key features are Binaural Directionality™ and Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II.

Wide Dynamic Range Compression

Mimics the function of the normal 
cochlea to make soft sounds audible 
and loud sounds comfortable.

Binaural Directionality™

Provides excellent speech understanding while preserving full situational awareness. 

Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II 

Applies appropriate gain and noise reduction with respect to seven predefined listening environments. 

Tech level

Resound Up is available in a choice of two technology levels: 

ReSound Up 9

ReSound Up 7


More ways to more words

Together, ReSound Up™ and the wireless ReSound Unite Mini Microphone bring high signal-to-noise ratio to more children in more situations. Other wireless accessories provide more exposure to language.

High signal-to-noise ratio for many children

The ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone increases signal-to-noise ratio by up to 21 dB1. It can compliment or provide an alternative to FM systems. And it streams sound from smart phones, MP3 players, and tablets.

The ReSound Unite™ Remote Control

Is used to check status, change programs and adjust the volume. It also controls the connection and adjusts the microphone balance between ReSound Up and other Unite accessories. 
Learn more about Unite™ Remote Control

The ReSound Unite™ TV

Sends speech and other sounds directly from TVs, stereos and other sound sources. Children don’t have to wear any additional devices, and they can hear and participate in conversations around them. 

Learn more about Unite™ TV

The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+ 

Streams conversation, music and other audio from iPhones and other Bluetooth devices. Older children will appreciate that they can easily use a mobile – and take their stereo-quality music with them wherever they go. Just like their friends. 
Learn more about Unite™ Phone Clip+

FM receiver solutions

FM systems are often used in schools to help kids hear speech. ReSound Up™ hearing aids are compatible with FM systems via this integrated FM solution.
Learn more about FM receiver
Verification of wireless (2.4GHz) transmitter with fully integrated hearing aid receivers, Imran Mulla & Sue archbold, 2012
*Verification of wireless (2.4GHz) transmitter with fully integrated hearing aid receivers, Imran Mulla & Sue Archbold and
ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone: Minimizing Noise for Maximum Understanding, Charlotte T. Jespersen & Mark Laureyns.
A choice of a small, integrated solution or an external universal FM receiver. Compatible with the current most-common in-school system.


The more parents understand about their childs hearing aids and supporting and stimulating their childs speech and language development, the better. Here is some material that can help.

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Language learning booklet

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Using the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone with your child

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