• Every word matters
    Every word she hears helps her learn, communicate and reach her full potential.
  • Because kids will be kids
    His hearing aids can take whatever he dishes out
  • In touch – and smiling! 
    The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+ sends conversation – or music – right from her smart phone to her hearing aids.

Real benefits

Every word children hear helps them learn, communicate and take part in what’s going on around them. With the right hearing aids, properly fit, your child won’t miss out on a thing. 

Maximum exposure to speech and language

Coupled with the affordable ReSound Unite Mini Microphone, ReSound Up lets your child hear more speech in demanding situations
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Small and powerful 

Clear sound amplified to the right level for your child – in a small package

Hearing aids to grow with

ReSound Up keeps up with changing needs as children grow with advanced hearing technology

iSolate™nanotech protection

Your child’s hearing aids are shielded from moisture, oil and debris – inside and out

Designed especially for children

iSolate™ nanotech

Shields every component inside and out.

Retention Loop

Keeps hearing aids securely on children’s ears.

LED visual indication 

Lets you know the hearing aids are working and whether the battery needs changing.

Self-locking battery door 

Is practically impossible to force open so there’s virtually no risk of your child coming into contact with the hearing-aid battery.

More ways to more words with wireless accessories

ReSound Up™ hearing aids, alone or together with the ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone, give your child lots of valuable words. Other affordable ReSound Accessories help your child hear even more words.
Wireless accessories

ReSound Unite™ Mini Microphone

This wireless clip-on microphone maximizes communication by sending speech directly into 
your child's hearing aids. 
Learn more about the Mini Microphone

The ReSound Unite™ Remote Control

Use it to check the status of your child’s hearing aids, adjust them and control the connection between hearing aids and accessories. 
Learn more about the Remote control

The ReSound Unite™ TV

Sound from TVs, stereos, computers and other audio sources streamed directly into hearing aids. 
Learn more about the TV streamer

The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+

The ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+ clips on and keeps children in touch and smiling by sending conversation and music directly form their phones to their
hearing aids. 
Learn more about the Phone Clip+

FM receiver solutions

FM systems are often used in schools to help children hear speech. ReSound Up™ hearing aids are compatible with FM systems via this integrated FM solution.
Learn more about FM receiver solutions

Act now

Nowadays newborn hearing screening programs usually identify deafness in children by
the time they reach two months old. But if you suspect your child has an unidentified
hearing loss, don’t delay.

Contact your local hearing care professional